Adoption and profitability of pond fish farming in Pallisa wetland system

Show simple item record Okiria, Robert Isaac 2023-07-04T11:01:30Z 2023-07-04T11:01:30Z 2023
dc.identifier.citation Okiria, R. I. (2023). Adoption and profitability of pond fish farming in Pallisa wetland system. Busitema University. Unpublished dissertation en_US
dc.description Dissertation en_US
dc.description.abstract This Research was conducted to assess the adoption and profitability of pond fish farming in Pallisa Wetland system. The objectives of the study were; to assess fish famer’s level of knowledge on pond management practices, to assess the profitability of pond fish farming and to assess the factors that influence the profitability of pond fish farming in Pallisa District. Data was collected using; the KAPs questionnaire model, Key informant interviews, focused group discussions. The study used a simple random sampling technique that was employed to select participants in the population. The study targeted 70 respondents and of which all of them respondent. The study recommended the following; more extension services should be enhanced to train farmers on pond fish farming, in general farmers should change their attitude towards fish farming, the government should also inform the farmers about the benefits of fish farming through mass media and agribusiness trade exhibitions. Majority of the respondents have positive attitude to pond fish farming (e.g. it is profitable), this showed that fish farmers are reluctant, ignorant towards fish production, and also majority did not know that fish production can be done on large scale. They still believe rice gro wing is more suitable in wetland areas than fish farming. The findings of this study show low levels of knowledge and practices of pond management among smallholder fish farmers in Pallisa wetland system. These deficiencies in knowledge and practice are a major impediment to achieving the targets of increasing aquaculture production, poverty alleviation, and food security through the promotion of fish farming in Pallisa and Eastern region at large. On top of that, the fish farmers’ poor attitudes towards effluent management are a threat to sustainable water resource use. Yet, fresh water is a highly coveted natural resource that is important for survival and socio-economic development, Fish farming is more profitable than rice growing; this is due to low costs incurred in the production for example purchasing of organic fertilizers (compost), slashers and others. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Mr. Okiror Simon Peter, Busitema University en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Busitema University en_US
dc.subject Adoption en_US
dc.subject Profitability en_US
dc.subject Pond fish farming en_US
dc.subject Wetland system en_US
dc.subject Pond management practices en_US
dc.subject Pond management en_US
dc.title Adoption and profitability of pond fish farming in Pallisa wetland system en_US
dc.type Other en_US

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