Nutrient digestibility of moringa oleifera seed meal rations fed to grower pigs at Arapai campus farm.

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dc.identifier.citation Bwire, A. (2024). Nutrient digestibility of moringa oleifera seed meal rations fed to grower pigs at Arapai campus farm. Busitema University. Unpublished dissertation en_US
dc.description Dissertation en_US
dc.description.abstract Moringa oleifera is a highly valuable plant that is gaining value basing on its nutrient profile in consideration with soya bean meal a known plant protein source. However, with increasing competition for plant proteins by both humans and animals, arises the need to find alternative protein sources that can substitute soya. It‟s upon that gap that this research aimed at finding out the nutrient digestibility of Moringa oleifera seed meal fed on grower pigs at Arapai farm with the objective of determining palatability and establishing nutrient digestibility of MOSM rations. An experimental design was used in conducting the research with four treatments; T1 (0%), T2 (5%), T3 (10%) and T4 (15%) MOSM inclusion rates. Three replicates were used per treatment in determination of palatability using single bowel method and it was found that there was a significant difference among treatments, one individual pig was used in establishing the nutrient digestibility of MOSM using total collection method of fecal matter from which 10% of the daily total fecal was collected and prepared for laboratory analysis, Results from the experiment showed that palatability was highest at (0% MOSM) control feed and increase in Moringa inclusion significantly decreased palatability. On the other hand, increase in Moringa improved both apparent and nutrient digestibility compared to control treatment digestibility. Results obtained show that partial substitution of soya with a % of Moringa significantly improved pig feed in digestibility (figure1) especially at 5% MOSM inclusion which had no negative impacts on desired qualities of palatability and digestibility of soya rather than when used as a whole protein feed. In conclusion, inclusion of MOSM reduced feed palatability however; digestibility was generally improved. It should be noted that the optimum inclusion rate was established to be 5% as it facilitated a relatively better palatability and digestibility score. Since this study focused on one category of pigs, I recommend that further research can be conducted on other categories of pigs as well as other animal species. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Ms. Akurut Immaculate; Busitema University en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Busitema University en_US
dc.subject Moringa oleifera en_US
dc.subject Seed meal en_US
dc.subject Nutrient profile en_US
dc.subject Animal species en_US
dc.title Nutrient digestibility of moringa oleifera seed meal rations fed to grower pigs at Arapai campus farm. en_US
dc.type Other en_US

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